Is a high end blender really necessary?

Do you have a habit of making green smoothies regularly? Do you own a high end blender? If not, keep reading and find out why I finally decided to shell out big bucks for a high end blender and what sort of difference it made.

Life before a high end blender

My wife and I started making green smoothies in order to get our kids to eat large quantities of vegetables. It was also for our own good, but with our kids’ health on the line as well, it made the ‘health food’ transition easier. We had a basic kitchen aid blender that we had received as a wedding gift. The smoothies we made had spinach, kale, chard and other greens in it, and let’s just say the smoothies could have been called chunkies. Even after blending for close to ten minutes in our blender, the blender would start to smell like burning, and the smoothies would still feel on our tongues like they were just a bunch of tiny pieces of vegetables and fruit.

My wife had seen a demo of a Blendtec blender and tasted a smoothie made on the high end blender, and she came home and wouldn’t let me hear the end of it until we finally decided to purchase a Blendtec.

Life after a high end blender

It’s been so long that I can’t imagine having to drink a chunky smoothie anymore. With our new blender, our smoothies were smooth – it seemed to mash the greens and fruit into such a smooth, juicy consistency, there are no longer any chunks in it. Apparently, Blendtec says their blade isn’t sharp like a knife. They don’t want to chop things into tiny pieces, they want a dull blade to slam into the chunks so fast it actually blows the cell walls apart giving you better access to all the nutrients inside.

In addition to extra smoothness, a high end blender also saves time. Instead of blending for ten minutes, 1 and sometimes 2 minutes will do, and that is for a BIG smoothie that fills the 3 quart blender jar right to the top! Frozen strawberries, large pieces of kale and chard, and even flax seeds are no match for the blender. It all comes out in a delightfully drinkable consistency.

To clean the blender after making a smoothie, I simply rinse it under cold water. If there is still some residue, I put about a cup of water in the jar and pulse it for about 10 seconds, and then dump the water. Done.

It’s been over 3 years, and our Blendtec is still going strong. I have no doubt in my mind that our low end blender would’ve given up the ghost long ago.

What do you think? Will you take the plunge and finally treat yourself to a high end blender? Think of it as an investment in your health!

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